Do you struggle with weight-loss and motivation? Do you want to enjoy food but are confused by conflicting advice?

Feel renewed  - Feel the inches drop off - Feel confident!


What we really want...

We'd all love to lose those extra inches - right? I mean those extra folds of skin and that extra tight feeling when you no longer fit an old t-shirt or pair of jeans.  No it didn't shrink in the wash!

Maybe you've attempted to lose weight before, you've tried one of many different diet plans, counted the calories; despaired when you just wanted to enjoy good food. You lost some weight, plateaued and then put it right back on again. It's depressing isn't it?

Did anyone explain to you the diet myths and the fascinating process of how and why we store excess weight; the differences between weight and fat? Why one person can lose weight so easily and yet another may find it so difficult? One size or method clearly doesn't fit all...

Why do we fail?

  • Incorrect advice and understanding?
  • A fixed mindset and lack of motivation?
  • Fear of the process?
  • Old habits?
  • A stressful lifestyle?

Successful weight-loss...


... comes when you're fired up, you're in the right mindset and you're in control again! You've got the tools and knowledge, you've found an approach that works for you not one that tries to fit a group of people - who are all different. You’re in the right frame of mind and you can enjoy satisfying meals without worrying that the weight will pile on again.

Do you want to learn more about how to gain the tools you need and get that winning mindset? Then book in that free chat with me.


The Art of Accelerated Fat loss

If you don't want to see weight piling back on again, you're going to have to learn how to change your body composition and understand the basics of hormone balance. Joining the gym and steadily treading the cross-trainer isn't going to work.

I can show you how to bring back some natural lean muscle mass that not only tones you up but also helps you burn fat while also choosing other forms of exercise that keeps your metabolism high. If you're not used to exercise - don't worry. I'll help you build new skills that can give you great results.

You'll also learn how all this helps you keep burning fat even when you're resting and sleeping!

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Real food

Good food is vital. Yes you can lose weight by starving yourself of calories - but your body will start breaking down lean muscle and tissue too. This is not helpful to you.

I'll help you learn what types of food will be most beneficial for you and help your body function more efficiently. I will take into consideration your body type, so that you can get the nutrients that you need.

Your body needs fuel - but I'll explain to you why not all calories are the same. You can actually end up eating more of the right types of food, feel immensely satisfied and still lose weight.

We'll also discuss the importance of food balance for your gut health, which is crucial for healthy weight loss. You may actually find that you don't just lose weight, but you significantly improve other chronic health conditions and mental health issues too.




you can train 1-1 or share with a friend or partner

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What's included?

  • Comprehensive, 90 minute lifestyle & motivation planning session

  • An 8 week fast track plan*

  • Mindset & nutrition coaching and review sessions

  • Exercise tracker app to stay on target

  • Tailored exercise plan for your body type

  • Choice of one or two - 45 minute sessions per week

  • Weekly Accelerate fat loss guide

  • Grocery shop tour (optional)

  • Ongoing email / text support

*Prices start from £440 per person for 8 weeks.


If you're still unsure, meet me for a FREE no obligation chat.

What have you got to lose - a few inches?