Terms & Conditions


Health Screening

All clients must complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) before commencing any exercise programme.  Dependent on the results of the PAR-Q I may require a letter of medical clearance from your GP.  You may also be recommended for referral to a physiotherapist if current musculoskeletal health is likely to lead towards risk of injury.

It is the client’s responsibility to inform me of any change in physical health or condition (e.g. pregnancy, illness or injury) which might affect the ability to exercise safely and with minimal risk of injury.

All client information will be kept strictly private and confidential. (See additional privacy statement)

Mobile Personal Training

Revitalise Fitness / Paul Persad is not affiliated with any local gym and is unable to use such premises due to contractual obligations. Mobile training means, I will travel to and from a client’s home or other agreed venue. All travel costs and provision of equipment for use during the session are covered within the personal training price package.

I (the trainer) will use appropriate skills, experience and knowledge to design a safe programme of exercise that takes into account personal goals, fitness, ability and exercise preferences.

During sessions, the client is required to wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Clothes should be loose fitting and non-restrictive. Footwear should be comfortable and provide adequate support.

Clients are advised to have eaten something within 1-2 hours of their session to ensure energy levels are maintained. Water is also recommended throughout the session.

Peak Hours & Cancellation policy

24 hours notice is required for cancelling or rescheduling a session. Peak hours for Revitalise Fitness training include:

  • 6.00am – 9.00am (Mon – Fri)

  • 6.00pm – 9.00pm (Mon – Fri)

  • 7.00am – 12.00pm (Saturdays)

Due to a waiting list of potential clients also hoping to train with me during the times above; I reserve the right to charge the full session fee if a cancellation is made with less than 24 hours notice.

If I (the trainer) need to cancel at short notice up to 12 hours, the client will receive a credited complimentary half hour session.

Lateness Policy

If I am late for a session, the session will run for the full length, according to the convenience for the client. Alternatively, time will be added to a future session.

If the client is late, I reserve the right to end the session at the pre-arranged time dependent on the schedule that day.

Payment & Booking Policy

Consultations based at your home are charged at £30 payable at the time of visit. If you decide to progress further, I will deduct the amount from any 12 or 24 pack session that you book.

Unless otherwise stated or by discretionary agreement, personal training packs are paid in full following the consultation.

Until the client has paid for sessions in advance, I (the trainer) cannot guarantee that the client(s) preferred time slot(s) will be pre-booked. e.g. If a client wants to reserve a regular time slot in advance they will need to ensure that their training pack covers this.

Ad hoc single sessions will be charged at the full rate (not pack rates).

Expiry of training packs and refund policy

12 session training packs expire within three months, and 24 packs within 6 months from the point of sale and use. Alternatively, a monthly standing order can be agreed with me at the beginning of your programme.

Except in exceptional circumstances, all monies paid are non-refundable and at my discretion.