Do you spend too much time indoors?

Why we’re different

This is no ordinary outdoor bootcamp.

We combine many facets of fitness, so you don’t over train, but you can become an all-rounded fitter person!

Our sessions exist so you can get an affordable, quick, fun workout, while regularly picking up new techniques. Perfect before or after the commute to work, or even if you live and work in the area.

One week, you might be honing your kettlebells, core strength and suspension training skills. The next you might be enhancing your HIIT and crossfit endurance; while another you’re blitzing the stress away by hitting the boxercise pads. Because these are small group sessions, you’ll receive a small dash of tailored exercise along the way.

We’re essentially an outdoor fitness club for people who love fresh air. We enjoy varying our sessions each week, so you can leave refreshed, toned up and energised without feeling you’re doing the same old workout over again. These sessions are designed to be accessible to everyone, not just the fit (but I can push you too, if you want the challenge!)
— Paul Persad - Fitness & weightloss Coach

Confidence building

If you’ve never run before, but would like to, you can start to build your jogging confidence during our sessions. You may even end up joining us for a monthly Monday night 5k jog, or at other local running events in and around the Surrey Hills.

Where are we based?

We're based right in the heart of Dorking at Meadowbank park. Parking is available at the St Martins Walk car park. We often meet close to the bike racks next to the Meadowbank stadium cafe and soft play centre - but stay in contact as we can often make use of the whole park!

If you’re bringing your kids for football practice why not join us while you wait? Or if you work in Dorking town, come and join us for our lunchtime bitesize sessions.


What should I bring?

A smile, a sense of humour when you figure out the fun things we do. A bottle of water, comfortable exercise/running shoes, loose clothing and something warm to wear post-workout. It’s as simple as that!

Still unsure about joining?

You don’t have to be fit, strong or young to join our sessions. All adult ages and abilities are welcome. If you’ve never tried group outdoor exercise before and feel anxious or nervous about exercising with others, or of your own abilities, have no fear! Come and have a chat with me first over a free coffee. We embrace informality and enjoyment. You have all the time in the world to progress at your own pace.

Paul is an amazing trainer, he got me back to fitness after surgery. His sessions are always tailored to the individual and the outdoor sessions are great. If you’re looking for a personal trainer, or to join an outdoor fitness class look no further, you have found it!
— Kelly
If you never try you’ll never know!

Don’t think you’re ready for joining a group yet?

Perhaps you just want some extra time for yourself to build a little extra confidence? Why not take up a 1-1 personalised beginners fitness package with me? I’ll help you build some base level skills over 5 sessions. Just click here to find out more. Alternatively, you might be interested in our premium group package. Just contact me for more details.

Remember, it’s never too late to get fitter!

Before I started training with Paul I was a mum with two young children who hadn’t exercised in years and who wouldn’t even run for the bus. After two years of going to Paul’s outdoor fitness group I now run regular 5 and 10k events and I have never been fitter. Paul is professional, extremely knowledgeable and takes a real interest in helping everyone he trains. I would highly recommend him for personal training or his outdoor fitness classes, which are a brilliant way to exercise for people who spend all day in an office.
— Nicola