Are you one of those people who's never enjoyed sports, who hasn't exercised much - if at all throughout your life? You might have given up the gym because you felt lost? Maybe the thought of exercise makes you feel anxious? 

What if you gave it a fresh chance?

Paul has been my personal trainer for over 4 years. I used to hate exercise and now he has inspired me to enjoy it. He is not only professional and experienced but he offers a great value service. I really look forward to our sessions together and feel an enormous improvement in my fitness since training with him.
— Claudia

You’re not alone!

We’ve all gone to the gym before, or watched a sport and felt a bit daunted seeing others somehow perform phenomenal feats. Our modern world often portrays the so-called, perfect athletic body type and ability. but if we’re feeling a fair bit out of shape ourselves or lacking in confidence, we become worried about how we’ll perform. We have a fear of being watched and judged.

Believe me, I know what it’s like too.

The solution…

Why not train with me, so that you can build your confidence, in your own time away from the distractions? My five session 1-1 or one on two beginners pack is about giving you a chance to experience a range of exercise methods tailored to your ability. I'll introduce you to some simple movements involving aerobic and resistance training methods.

I will also provide you with a programme to take away and practice in your own time, while also being your personal fitness confidante.

We all started with 1 repetition. How about you?!

In the six months training with Paul I have become fitter, stronger and more confident. I never liked exercise, now I look forward to the sessions and am thrilled with my progress!
— Carol